Monday, January 4, 2010

Hard Stuff

Throughout my christmas break I have been trying to initiate a process to import Collada.DAE into Papervision3D/Flash from 3DsMax as a step to understanding code in Actionscript3. Several attempts have not yeilded the desired success. In the very first trial I got 7 errors, while in the second attempt I had 2 errors which I managed to bring down to 1 error.
However, trying to sort out this 1 error resulted to 1 Compiler Error that confussed me. On top of the the panels holding the timeline, output and Errors is a statement "unmanaged file" which refers me to another Adobe software "Bridge"
So far I have worked on the frames that I intend to use on my Exhibits and the Space or Hall layouts.
I need help!.

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