Wood Work

I have been exploring wood as a medium of artistic expression recently. It has worked well so far and I am beginning to enjoy working on wood which I find requires a lot of patience besides skill to work with.

I try to make each work tell its own story, with each becoming an individual member of my collection of works. A pieces’ uniqueness can be innate in the piece itself, can be down to the materials used, or to how I have interpreted  my clients’ wishes with regards to Skerries Cornerstone Church work and Billy's.

Fulani Milkmaid: Size 14" x 4" including base (2012) (SOLD)

Besides my personal projects, I take commissions, which is a challenge interpreting clients' wishes; thus the finished piece reflecting the concept of the artist as well as the vision of the client gives me satisfaction. I do not object to clients having a level of personal input regarding any commission  in order to ensure they are entirely happy with the end result and the artistic integrity of the piece’. In the end ‘there’s a balance to be reached and it’s most satisfying when both parties are happy’.

Lean On Me
Lean On Me: Size 14" x 4" including base (2012) (SOLD)

Lean On Me
Lean On Me: side view

Pray Without Ceasing
Praying Hands: Size 7.5" x 15" Wall hanging or table top placement (2012) (SOLD)

Skerries Cornerstone Church send-forth plague

Skerries Cornerstone Church
Skerries Cornerstone Church: Size 12" x 12" Lime Wood (COMMISSIONED 2012) 

LEEDS United Fan Birthday Plague.

Leeds United
Billy's Birthday Gift: Size 26cm x 25cm Sycamore Wood (COMMISSIONED 2012)

RCCG Logo Plague.

Recently I got a commission to work on two plagues for The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Sanctuary For All Nations ) in Drogheda Ireland. This work was a challenge because of time; only 1 week and 2 days to do the 2 which was to be presented to two visiting speakers in their Mens programme.
The following images were various stages of the work.

Initial Carvings and scrapings of Logo. Notice the fine grains of the wood
Establishing Levels on the Logo.
The Artist Sanding.
Third stage of the work adding compliments.
Polishing and Finishing.
The work.
Finished Work 1.  (Commissioned)
Finished Work 2 (Commissioned)

Umo's Work

Skerries Cornerstone Church: Size 12" x 12" Lime Wood (COMMISSIONED 2013) 

Wood Turning

Recently I have been into woodturning, and find it so interesting. The idea is to combine it with my wood carvings as well as explore other means of artistic expression. Wood most times control you but it is the artist that controls it when you understand its character. They can be colourful without you adding an ink or paint as the texture speaks for itself.
My interest is to explore the grains; using my chisels and sandings bringing out the best from the work. The finishing remains the beauty of the work.
I hope you enjoy what you see and get in touch with me for any commission or interests in what you see in my blog. Send me an email; nkemog09@gmail.com or call my mobile +353-872043690.

This plaque was inspired by my Children Summer Art Camp.  (SOLD)

My very first Vase with a Biblical inscription.  (SOLD)

Tea Table; a combination woodturning and carving. (SOLD)

Base of Table; woodturning and burning

Ist Table and Vase. 

Latest Turnings and another Tea Table  (UNSOLD)

Vase: (SOLD)

Same Vase with Biblical Inscription good alter decoration

Another Vase. (SOLD)

Tea Table. (UNSOLD)

Morta and Pestle just for decoration. (UNSOLD)

All. Consider the textures