Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Attempt

On Thursday the 7th of January I came to school with the problem of importing Collada which I have been trying over the Christmas holiday to seek help. Sean help me work through it, but the process was not easy for me to comprehend. He actually got it loaded but when I got home and try doing that it was not working for me.
However, further trials resulted in errors and eventually telling me I can not launch this file to server. I am still trying to see how I can make it work. Hope to get back to Sean on Thurday.
On the other aspects of my project I have tried to create painting Frames, Background walls or stands for the exhibits. The Collada experiment is for 3 dimensional arts that could feature in the exhibition.
The work continues.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hard Stuff

Throughout my christmas break I have been trying to initiate a process to import Collada.DAE into Papervision3D/Flash from 3DsMax as a step to understanding code in Actionscript3. Several attempts have not yeilded the desired success. In the very first trial I got 7 errors, while in the second attempt I had 2 errors which I managed to bring down to 1 error.
However, trying to sort out this 1 error resulted to 1 Compiler Error that confussed me. On top of the the panels holding the timeline, output and Errors is a statement "unmanaged file" which refers me to another Adobe software "Bridge"
So far I have worked on the frames that I intend to use on my Exhibits and the Space or Hall layouts.
I need help!.